G dragon and sunye dating

since right now, a battle is going on between the three members Jae Chun Su and SME, i doubt you could send their gifts to SME =___=im pretty sure you can send gifts/letters for Yunho and Changmin to SME, and you can…No. She looks like Ahn Sohee, the cutest member of Wonder Girls, though.

Sohee and G-Dragon looked cute together on stage, but whether that was just an act or something more, we′ll never know. Sayangnyer aku xdapat pergi..apekan daya ku...mslh2 yg.aku elakkan..kepada peminat2 Kpop or 2PM kat luar sane,pergi r.kalo ko Owg xpergi... I was find information about 2pm Asian Tour in Malaysia to u all guys... JYP’s hottest boyband 2PM will be in Malaysia on Nov 25 for a concert at Stadium Negara. The 2PM Hands Up Asia Tour Live in Malaysia 2011 will be the group’s very first live performance in our country. The sextet has many hit songs under their belt such as One of the key features of the upcoming concert is a T-shaped runway that juts out from the main stage that allows the stars to “walk into the crowd”.TM customers will enjoy a 20% discount when the latest TM bill is presented while purchasing the tickets at the launch.However uts highly unlikely that they composed each and everyone of the lyrics and song arrangment on thier own.Romanized: Harujongil ne eolgulman barabogo shipeojineungeol Dareun il modu sone jabhiji anneungeol Gakkum nal chyeodabomyeo miso jinneun neo eui moseube Nado moreuge johajanda malhago shipeo Chingurado joha ne gyeote isseul su itdamyeon Neol ilko shiji anha nae gajang chinhan chinguin neol Y…you can send fan letters and fan gifts to TVXQ to their agency -- SM Entertainment.The mcs for Star goldenbell as whether it was super junior or Shinhwa. " Ga in became shocked, covered her face, and admited YES. There is also another article that says the two has known each other before debute but he didnt ask her out til after debute, and she rejected him. theres reasons why they should or shouldnt date should: IF she liked him back,they they should of cuz they both like each other shouldnt:because they have FANS! Instead of saying what she wanted to, her words sounded like “맞습…” (maht soop) = “Ye…” credit: [email protected] and GDbabygurl @ bigbangkorean.for reuploading The episode of KBS “Star Golden Bell” last March 15 created a lot of buzz among fans because of Brown Eyed Girls member Ga-in's revelation that a member of an idol group that was younger than her called her up and asked her for a date. “It's not true that G-dragon asked me out on a date. If you watch the show again, I didn't say “yes” but said “I can't say (말씀드릴 수 없다).” It just so happened that they have similar pronunciations but I certainly made clear during the show that it wasn't G-dragon,” Ga-in explained.


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